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"At 37 years old, I severely injured my L5/S1 disc that resulted in significant numbness and pain in my lumbar section and down my right leg. My doctors told me that I needed surgery immediately. A few months later, I had a significant amount of scar tissue growing in the surgical area that was attacking my nerves that resulted in me barely able to walk. All the bones in my hips and pelvis from walking crooked formed scoliosis. When I saw a spine specialist, he offered me some very scary medical interventions, including the medication Lyrica, spinal injections and even talked about surgically installing a stimulation pump. I prefer taking a holistic approach to medical issues, so all of these scared me. I decided to ask the specialist about seeing a chiropractor to start correcting the misaligned bones in my lumbar section, hips and pelvis. He referred me to Dr. Alano because he was known to handle sensitive cases. Dr. Alano was my light in the midst of dark days. You could see from one visit with him how incredibly knowledgeable he was about spinal health and he is very kind with a positive approach. He said to give him 3 weeks without any other medical interventions to see what he could do. He spent a great deal of time going over my case. He adjusted my spine and gave me exercises to do at home. He also gave me a great deal of hope. Every visit I went in, I was standing more upright and in less pain. By the third week, I had my life back, standing up right enough that others would not notice there was anything wrong with me and my pain had improved by 90%. It was amazing to me that just 3 weeks earlier, I was facing some medical interventions that had significant risks that only offered me temporary relief. By taking the path with Dr. Alano, I made permanent changes to my body that resulted in long term health. I am beyond grateful for Dr. Alano's knowledge and patience for taking on my challenging case and bringing me back to life."
Kathrine B
"If it were not for Dr. Carayannopoulos of The Comprehensive Spine Center at Rhode Island Hospital, I would not have had the pleasure of meeting you, and benefited from the extraordinary results your experience and training have produced for me. My condition was the result of an accident. I had been run into by a motorized pallet jack loaded with cases of bottled water. Upon examination it was found that I had a dislodged vertebra (also identified as a herniated disc). When I first came to you, I had been in physical therapy for 7 1/2 years, with no sign of improvement. I would go into my sessions with a pain levels in the 6 to 7.5 range, and leave in the worst pain that I came in. From my first visit, my pain level upon completion of the session was literally reduced by half, I found this incredible. My sessions have continued for more than 6 months and I find that I am able to do many of the physical things, yard work and work around the home, that previously just could not be performed due to the pain levels I was experiencing. Pain levels have not totally gone away, but, remain significantly reduced and tolerable through your continued manipulations. This so much so, that I have been able to put off any back (spinal) injections to control my pain levels. Thank You!, Thank You!, Thank You!"
Walter B.
"My 4 year old daughter was suffering from sleep apnea and severe snoring due to enlarged tonsils. Our pediatrician and the Ear Nose Throat Specialist both recommended a tonsillectomy to alleviate the problem. I was very concerned about putting my young daughter under anesthesia for a multitude of reasons. After talking with Dr. Alano about my daughters situation he recommended that we try some chiropractic work as it is possible the her spine was out of alignment and contributing to her situation. He made no promises of cure but after 1 session her snoring was reduced by at least 40%, after an additional two sessions her snoring was gone 100%. No surgery needed! I recommend Dr. Alano to absolutely everyone I meet that is suffering in some way. He is an incredibly knowledgeable and talented doctor. I am so grateful that we found him."
Lynn R.
"I was in an accident 13 years ago that resulted in a brain injury as well as back and neck issues. The only thing that seems to alleviate the neck and back pain is NUCCA chiropractic. After 7 different NUCCA doctors all over the country, I can honestly say that Dr. Alano is the most thorough, caring, and helpful of them all."
Noi S.
"I had a constant sharp pain running down my right leg that was getting worse by the day. After seeing Dr. Alano for the first time, I felt slightly better the next day and even better the following day. Now, every time I see him, I improve significantly in two days. I am truly amazed after each visit with him. He helped me when other specialists could not"
Mike B.
"I suffered from severe migraine headaches that got to the point where I had them almost everyday. Since beginning treatment with Dr. Alano, I get far fewer headaches and they are less severe. I rarely take prescription medicine for my migraines now, but prior to treatment, I was taking medicine almost everyday and it would leave me groggy and nauseous. I can't thank Dr. Alano enough, I live in Foster and travel an hour to see him. I won't see anyone else."
"I was experiencing sharp neck pain, headaches, and lower back pain radiating down my right leg. These ailments were keeping me from hiking and leisurely walks. I was gaining weight due to the lack of exercise which in turn added to my pain. Since seeing Dr. Alano, I feel a lot better. I am walking more and am optimistic in planning some cliff walks this upcoming spring. It feels good to enjoy life again!"
"I had severe pain on the lower right side of my back, making walking almost impossible. The response to treatment was much quicker than I expected. I can't thank Dr. Alano enough ."
George L.

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